I think I have an alcohol problem, but don’t think I want to stop drinking at the moment

Even if you don’t think you want to stop drinking, reducing the amount you drink can have a big impact on your health. Below are some tips for how you can reduce your drinking:

Strategies for drinking less at home

  • Choose the soft option. Ring the changes at your dinner table by having water, juice or a soft drink with your meals rather than a glass of wine.
  • If you drink wine at home, pour small amounts into your glass.
  • If you fill glasses to the rim, you’ll drink more than you realise. Opt for small 125ml glasses too. Measure your spirits instead of free pouring them. The Drinkaware unit measure cup is an ideal way to measure spirits, as well as wine and beer.
  • Try and pour your own drinks. If your partner or your host is constantly topping up your half-filled glass, it’s hard to keep track of how much alcohol you are drinking.